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Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians:

Thank you for choosing Independent School District 361! We are proud of our outstanding staff and high academic standards and we look forward to working with you to provide your child with an exceptional educational experience.

Falls Elementary School is committed to empowering and supporting students by meeting their individual needs to encourage and support their full academic and social-emotional potential. The staff at Falls Elementary are dedicated to high student achievement, creating positive school culture, and active community engagement in order to enhance the educational experience for your child.

We are committed to be partners in your child’s education, we have high expectations and strive to educate all students to meet challenging academic objectives. As a collaborative learning team, we work in partnership to support and enable students to reach their full learning potential.

Falls Elementary works hard to ensure that ALL students are successful by promoting “Bronco Pride” among the Elementary School communities. We ask students to show their “Bronco Pride” by:

Being Respectful, Being Responsible and Being Safe

Our shared educational purpose, including common knowledge, common language, and common expectations, are the keys to our academic success. In order to teach students expected behavior, the staff of Falls Elementary created a matrix that outlines what behavior should look like in all settings of Falls Elementary: classrooms, hallways, bus, cafeteria, restrooms and playgrounds. We have added the matrix for you to review with your child.

We look forward to working closely with you in the future and encourage you to become an active part of Falls Elementary School. If you have questions any time regarding your child’s education, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Falls Elementary School Staff

Principal, Missy Tate
283-2571 x1232

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