Any seniors interested in the Shannons Apprenticeship there are applications in the Counselor's office.
1 day ago, International Falls ISD 361
Bronco Families - Attendance matters!
2 days ago, Kevin Grover
attendance matters
2023 Induction Ceremony for the Bronco Athletic Hall of Fame is Saturday, April 15th. Tickets on sale in the Falls High School office. Get your ticket before they are gone.
4 days ago, Kevin Grover
Bronco Families - Attendance Matters. Please watch the following video:
9 days ago, Kevin Grover
Trina Schaak from MN North College is coming to visit with students on Wednesday 03/15/2023 @ 9:30. Please sign up in the Guidance office.
9 days ago, International Falls ISD 361
Bronco Families - Attendance Matters
14 days ago, Kevin Grover
Attendance matters
Bronco Families - Attached is the March Home/School Attendance Newsletter. Please take a moment to read the positive school attendance news as it relates to our upcoming state assessment and testing highlights. We continue to make school attendance and family education a priority and one of our goals for the 22/23 school year! March Home/School Attendance Newsletter - #schoolattendancematters
15 days ago, Kevin Grover
There is a list of Northwest Minnesota Foundation scholarships available to International Falls students posted on our scholarships page, see here Deadline to apply is April 15, so don't miss the opportunity!
16 days ago, International Falls ISD 361
Our schools cannot do it alone. They need the support of our families and communities to provide the resources and support they need to help students thrive. We must not take for granted our public schools’ successes over the years. Instead, we should acknowledge that these successes are the result of the hard work and investments of generations of Minnesotans that came before us and to whom we should be grateful. We must see ourselves as caregivers of the gift of public schools that we will hand to future generations. During Public Schools Week, let’s show our support for our Minnesota public schools and the dedicated people who work tirelessly to provide a high-quality education for all children.
19 days ago, Kevin Grover
Registration for FES Summer Enrichment programs is now open. In order to fill out your registration, as well as view the Summer Enrichment course catalog, please visit: All registration forms will be due by March 15, 2023 in order to plan for summer staffing, meals and necessary supplies for courses.
20 days ago, International Falls ISD 361
Falls High School is hiring a cafe helper!
20 days ago, Kendra Bennett
FHS Cafe Helper
The teachers, school staff, and administrators serving public schools work incredibly hard to prepare the next generation of students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Teaching is a challenging and demanding profession, requiring patience, dedication, and a deep commitment to students' growth and wellbeing. They strive to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences, while also addressing the diverse needs of their students. Whether they teach students in the classroom, drive school buses, prepare nutritious meals, support students’ mental and emotional health, or maintain and repair buildings, the people serving in our public schools are making our communities and our world a better place.
20 days ago, Kevin Grover
Public schools serve all students, no matter their background, socioeconomic status, or ability. They help provide a level playing field for children from all walks of life. Public schools are places where every child—no matter their background, race, ethnicity, home language, zip code, or economic situation—is loved, respected, and celebrated for who they are. Our public schools are places of hope and joy. They are places where every Minnesotan child can thrive. Public schools also represent a significant economic driver for Minnesota’s communities. They employ many of our fellow community members, while preparing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the workplaces of tomorrow. Public schools are also accountable to the communities they serve, ensuring they make the best use possible of the investments taxpayers make in them.
22 days ago, Kevin Grover
Public schools play a vital role in the education of our children and the future of our society. Public Schools Week gives us an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness about the important work being done in school buildings and classrooms each and every day. This week, celebrated February 27-March 3, helps raise awareness and recognition for the hard work and achievements of public schools in Minnesota and nationwide. Minnesota has a proud tradition of supporting public education. Now is a great time to celebrate this tradition and recommit ourselves to public schools. Go Broncos!
23 days ago, Kevin Grover
Kindergarten Registration for the 23-24 School Year is now Open! See flyer for more details.
26 days ago, International Falls ISD 361
kg registration flyer
~DEADLINE March 30, 2023~The Vernon J. Pick Foundation has developed an on-line scholarship application that can be used to generate a PDF application document. The application can be found on our Scholarships page: *Please make sure to stop back at this page, as it is frequently updated with the latest Scholarships.*
27 days ago, International Falls ISD 361
Thank You to a group of generous donors that teamed up to provide a water bottle or Tupperware Bowl with goodies to all Falls Elementary and Falls High School staff last week. You brightened our day and we appreciate you thinking of us. Go Broncos.
27 days ago, Kevin Grover
Thank You International Falls School Bus Drivers. You are the best and we appreciate you!
28 days ago, Kevin Grover
The Feb. 13-17 weekly newsletter is now available. There are some excellent articles about our very own Mrs. Boelk and Challenging Choices for 10th grade students as they choose classes for next year. The kids worked really hard on this one! See it here ( on our Falls High Ink Page. Additionally, buttons can be found at the bottom of the FHInk page that link directly to their site. You can view older Newsletters this way. Please be sure to stop by this page often, as it is updated weekly.
about 1 month ago, International Falls ISD 361
Falls High School is hiring a Youth Activities Coordinator!
about 1 month ago, Kendra Bennett
Youth Activities Coordinator